25+ Years of Experience

The origins of INTELIGHT are deeply rooted in the communications and technology industry.

Designing, manufacturing, implementing and supporting a broad range of converged technology, wireless and lighting equipment have been a core focus for over 25 years.

INTELIGHT bridges these verticals by incorporating LED lighting, adaptive control, audio video intelligence and integrated communications all within our LED light fixture.

Corporate Mandates

Our projects always look to conform to our corporate mandates, helping demonstrate and realize our commitment to a greater good.


Our projects are heavily focused on sustainability (Environment, Economy, Socio-cultural & Political) as a long-term, fully integrated business approach. Throughout our operations, we always plan to actively design and integrate sustainable practices into all of our initiatives.


We believe in our projects and their economic growth aspirations. By developing a sustainable and holistic vision, we allow truly sustainable communities to emerge equipped with the necessary infrastructures to fuel sustainable growth.


We define specific initiatives that place emphasis on socially responsible practices. Our strategies, which seek to maximize both financial return and social good, must provide a foundation for the improvement in the quality of life locally. Long term vision is necessitated to ensure many generations to come are not deprived by short sighted decisions made today.


Environmental issues affecting human health and the survival of the earth must be evaluated from all dimensions including: government, culture and personal. We define specific initiatives that provide the necessary infrastructure, technology, operations and knowledge for the establishment of sustainable, world-class environmental protection, communications, infrastructure and energy management solutions.

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