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24 Jun, 2020

INTELIGHT adds measures to combat COVID-19

In an effort to combat COVID-19 and to ensure public safety, INTELIGHT now offers enhanced functionality;

Social Distancing Monitoring
Using built in intelligence, INTELIGHT can ensure proper social distancing is being observed. Alerts and responses for offenders can be customized based on user preferences.

Body Temperature Monitoring
COVID and other illnesses can cause your body temperature to rise. This elevated temperature can help signify if a person is ill or infected. Traditional thermal imaging equipment is costly and often requires special setup/configuration. Conversely, INTELIGHT's built in cameras capture facial properties that can be used to determine body temperature. This is effective in individual as well as crowd scenarios and works under varying lighting conditions.

For more information contact us to learn how you can harness the power of INTELIGHT.

24 Jun, 2020

INTELIGHT announces it's 8'TH generation of ultra-efficient streetlight

Since lighting is the platform that INTELIGHT runs on, we continually evolve our portfolio to take advantage of improved efficiencies, lifespans and overall performance.

24 Jun, 2020

INTELIGHT now offers UVC enabled light fixtures

From sterilization to Horticultural applications, UV light is proving it's worth. INTELIGHT evolves traditional UV light sources and now delivers UV spectrum through convenient, efficient, long lasting LED technologies. Contact us to learn more.