Intelligent Lighting

Unify and converge multiple infrastructures into a single, powerful device: INTELIGHT. Lighting is everywhere!

Intelligent Lighting

In addition to illumination, INTELIGHT provides an unparalleled vantage point to observe, respond and connect.

By integrating LED lighting, adaptive control, advanced intelligence and integrated communications into a single device, you eliminate the need, cost and complexity of multiple, disjointed infrastructures. With seamless integration, the capabilities are virtually endless.

LED Light

INTELIGHT can reduce energy costs up to 80% and at the same time provide more efficient and safer light for drastically longer periods of time.


INTELIGHT utilizes advanced, predictive and proactive audio and video intelligence to analyze and respond to events in real-time.


Real-time performance metrics, scheduling, automation and control of your lighting system allow it to respond dynamically to its environment.


INTELIGHT leverages the ideal mounting locations of light fixtures to build redundant, fast, meshed networks.

Benefits & Advantage

One infrastructure for all your needs

  • INTELIGHT is more cost effective than smart poles. Replacing entire poles is costly. Simply replace the light (happening already-LED conversions). INTELIGHT is modular so you can add/upgrade functionality as required.
  • Lighting has the best vantage point to build a network.
  • Lighting is an essential service. That’s why INTELIGHT’s platform is built on lighting; it’s required everywhere.
  • Savings from LED empower adoption of additional INTELIGHT functionality.


INTELIGHT brings efficiency, productivity and intelligence to your industry

Banking & Finance
Safe Cities
Critical Infrastructure

The origins of INTELIGHT are deeply rooted in the communications and technology industry.

Designing, manufacturing, implementing and supporting a broad range of converged technology, wireless and lighting equipment have been a core focus for over 25 years.

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